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  • I live in Things, California
  • My occupation is Occupied
  • I am Awesome

Hola people! Welcome to my boring AWESOME profile. People say I am very enthusiastic, and sociable. I highly doubt that XD. But, I get along with everyone very well, and can turn any situation good (believe me, I have done it LOTS of times).


Here is the AWESOME valentine @Love~Leigh Grande gave to me/ made!

What I do here

  • Add/ Characterize photos
  • Organize Pages
  • General Editing
  • Anything my OCD triggers me to do
  • More to come!

Other Wikia's?

I somehow admin/ founder some other wiki's, too. I have mostly been a viewer for, like, a LONG time (a few years, or something, I am pretty knowledgable about wikia). Then I created an account (this summer actually), and here I am! I am not a noob, though, I do know my way around a wiki. But every now and then, I do learn a new fact. (The most recent one was that you can make polls private.)

What can you do?

  • Well, I know some CSS and HTML and Code and that stuff, and I am learning more. I don't make anything for wiki's, though. Even though I know how to do it, I don't really like doing it. I mean I like it, but yeah.
  • On another wiki I do episode summaries (like the whole entire full thing that happened, not just the plot), and Role Pages, which is like what a character did in each episode.
  • I used to take a bunch of screenshots for another wiki, but I sort of stopped once other people got into the rhythm of doing them.
  • I LOVE MERCH. I also do merchandise pages (suprisee, suprisee).
  • I am on Event Team on another wiki, so yeah.
  • I do LOTS of updates and am amazing at finding new songs (if I do say so myself).
  • There has been a lot of drama on another wiki (but I honestly love it [the wiki, not the drama] with all my heart), and I have learned lots and made much peace, along with the other admins, to the people. (Note to self, you sound like a president if you say "to the people".)
  • Um... more to come!


I'm a user at the Bella and the Bulldogs Wiki!

Bella-and-the-bulldogs-logo This user is a fan of the show, Bella and the Bulldogs!
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