Sophie and Pepper
Characters Shipped

Sophie Delarosa and Pepper Silverstein


Best Friends


Bella and Sophie
Pepper and Sawyer
Newt and Sophie
Sawyer and Sophie

Portrayed by

Lilimar and Haley Tju

Sophie and Pepper is the friendship pairing of Sophie Delarosa and Pepper Silverstein. They are on the Bulldog's cheer squad. They are both best friends with Bella.

Other names

  • Sepper (S/ophie and P/epper)
  • Sopper (So/phie and Pe/pper)
  • Sopher (Soph/hie and Pepp/er)
  • Sophepper (Soph/ie and P/epper)
  • Pophie (P/epper and S/ophie)
  • Pephie (Pep/per and Sop/hie)
  • Peppie (Pepp/er and Soph/ie)
  • Pepophie (Pep/per and S/ophie)
  • Phipper (So/phi/e and Pe/pper)
  • Piepper Delarosastein  (P/e/pper Silver/stein and Soph/ie Delarosa)


Season 1

Newbie Q

That's Some Gossip, Girl

Pretty in Stink

Tex Fest

Dancing in the End Zone

That's My Tri-Five!

A Good Bye Week

Bromantically Challenged

Tornado Afraido

Similarities and differences


  • They attend Silverado West
  • They are both friends with Bella.
  • They are both on the cheer squad.
  • They both watch Ba Ha Beach
  • They are both on Team Fernando (Ba Ha Beach)
  • They both do not like Juan (Ba Ha Beach)


  • Sophie has Brown hair, while Pepper has black.
  • Sophie dislikes Sawyer while Pepper does not (she's dating him).
  • Sophie's right eye is Hazel, while both of Pepper's eyes and brown.



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