The Silverstein Family is the family of Pepper Silverstein.


Mr. and Mrs. Silverstein first appeared in Tex Fest. They didn't believe that Pepper would finish the video she was doing for the Tex Fest since she doesn't finish anything. When she did finish it, Pepper and her parents hugged. Mr. Silverstein appeared for the second time in Tornado Afraido, but just in photos. He was seen opening Pepper's birthday presents and blowing the candles on the cake. Both parents appeared again in Bulldog Buddies, where they didn't allow Pepper to have a boyfriend because they thought that middle school boys were shallow and insensitive heartbreakers who don't care about girls' feelings and that she was too young. But in the end, they allowed Pepper to be in a relationship with Sawyer. In Bulldog Blues, they welcome Sophie over temporarily when her room at home is flooded by a burst pipe. She convinces her Abuela to stay longer after lying about Pepper's pet turtle dying, but her ruse is discovered when her Abuela comes over with a new turtle.


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