Yes, yes I can.
Sawyer's Catchphrase.
Sawyer Huggins

Cowboy (By Sophie)
Sheriff Two-Step (By Troy)



Resides in



Football Player

Eye Color


Hair Color



Charlie Huggins (cousin)
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Parents
Unnamed Grandma


Pepper Silverstein (Girlfriend)


Pepper Silverstein (Close Friend)
Bella Dawson (Close Friends/Teammates)
Zach Barnes
Troy Dixon (Best Friend)
Newt Van Der Rohe (Best Friend)
Sophie Delarosa


Silverado West


Silverado Bulldogs

First Episode

Newbie QB

Portrayed By

Jackie Radinsky

Sawyer Huggins is a member on The Bulldogs football team in the series. Sawyer is portrayed by Jackie Radinsky.


Sawyer is a modern day cowboy and the Bulldogs' resident Texas expert. A 'Tex-pert', if you will. He loves ranch life and he's always ready to help his friends out with a wise piece of advice, even though his country sayings don't always make sense.


Season 1

Newbie QB

  • He helped Troy get rid of Bella as Quarterback.

That's Some Gossip, Girl

Pretty in Stink

  • He had brought a bag from his farm full of stink to poor on Bella because she was going to shower.
  • He had suggested that the team shouldn't bathe for the rest of the season.

Tex Fest

  • He won the Hot Pepper Eating Contest.
  • He accidentally pranked Sophie.

Dancing in the End Zone

That's My Tri-Five!

  • He was angry when he thought that Sophie and Pepper lied to Bella.
  • It's revealed that he has actually put a needle in a haystack to try and find it (7 weeks).
  • He wanted to know who was framing him for putting gum under the tables.


Sawyer is extremely handsome with brown curly hair and emerald green eyes. He is usually seen wearing a flannel shirt and his belt has a huge buckle.


Pepper Silverstein

Main article: Pepper Silverstein
See also: Pepper and Sawyer

Both Sawyer and Pepper have a crush on each other that started on Tornado Afraido, but the two really started to their feelings for one another in Incomplete Pass. They went to the homecoming dance together in Traitor Dater. They start dating in Bulldog Buddies. But broke up, but Sawyer might still have feelings for her because he found a chicken wing and it reminded him of her and he kept it.

Bella Dawson

Bella is his fellow teammate and close friend.

Troy Dixon

Troy is his fellow teammate and best friend.


Newt is his fellow teammate and one of his best friends and the wimpiest and sassiest kid on the team.

Sophie Delarosa

They have had a grudge on each other ever since Sawyer accidentally pranked Sophie.


Girl tears


Season One

  1. Newbie QB Part 1
  2. Newbie QB Part 2
  3. That's Some Gossip, Girl
  4. Pretty in Stink
  5. Tex Fest
  6. Dancing in the End Zone
  7. That's My Tri-Five!
  8. A Good Bye Week
  9. Bromantically Challenged
  10. Tornado Afraido
  11. Incomplete Pass
  12. Backseat Quarterback
  13. Traitor Dater
  14. Bulldog Buddies
  15. Player Hater
  16. Root For Newt
  17. Bulldog Blues
  18. Kicking and Scheming
  19. Third Degree Ba-Burn
  20. No Girls Allowed

Season Two

  1. Wide Deceiver
  2. Girls Night
  3. Personal Foul
  4. Rally Week
  5. Sha-Boo! Ya
  6. Who Killed Tex Fest?
  7. Dudes & Chicks
  8. Two Many Dates
  9. The Outlaw Bella Dawson
  10. Parents & Pigskins
  11. Glitz & Grit
  12. Accept No Substitutes

Overall Appearances: 32/32


  • He owns a cow named Crazy Nellie.
  • His catchphrase is "Yes, Yes I Can" or "No, No I Can't."
  • He shares a room with his sister.
  • He does not like his sister.
  • He's afraid of the Goatman.
  • He has a victory dance called The Huggins Shuffle.
  • He pretends to have a crush on Pepper in Tornado Afraido.
    • This is due to the fact that he was unknowingly doing romantic things to keep her from finding out about the party. He said he had a crush on her to make her feel a little bit better on her birthday.
  • He has a crush on Pepper.
  • He has been to Paris.
  • He likes stargazing.


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