What's it like in the boys locker room? What if they talk about secret crushes… Am I one of them?! Do they fight over me? They do, don't they?
Pepper babbling her questions to Bella Dawson.
Pepper Silverstein
Full Name

Pepper Silverstein


Pep (by Bella and Sophie)
Pepperoni (by Mr. Silverstein and Mrs. Silverstein)



Resides in




Eye Color


Hair Color



Mr. Silverstein (adoptive father)
Mrs. Silverstein (adoptive mother)
Theo Silverstein (Adoptive Younger Brother)


Sawyer Huggins (Boyfriend)


Sawyer Huggins (Close Friend/Ex-Boyfriend)
Bella Dixon (Best Friend)
Zach Barnes
Troy Dixon
Newt Van Der Rohe
Sophie Delarosa (Best Friend)
Ace McFumbles (close friend/co-worker)


Silverado West


Silverado West
Silverado Cheerleaders

First Episode

Newbie QB

Last Episode

Biggest. Game. Ever.

Portrayed By

Haley Tju

Pepper Silverstein is one of Bella's best friends and is Sawyer Huggins's girlfriend. She is also a cheerleader on Bella and the Bulldogs. Pepper is portrayed by Haley Tju.


Pepper is Bella's overly-caffeinated bestie. Her unlimited energy comes in handy on the cheer squad, but sometimes she can be a little overwhelming. Pepper is prone to panic attacks thanks to her overthinking tendencies, but she'll always have Bella's back (even if she has to hyperventilate first!) She is boy-crazy, but that's only because all the boys in the locker room must be talking about her, right? Right?!?


Season 1

Newbie QB

That's Some Gossip, Girl

Pretty in Stink

Tex Fest

  • She was chosen to make a video for Tex Fest.
  • She wanted to make a video about the first female governor of Texas.
  • Her parents are introduced.
  • When she showed her video for Tex Fest it was of Bella and how she had made Texas history by becoming the first girl quarterback.
  • This episode shows that Pepper has an interest in video making.

Dancing in the End Zone

That's My Tri-Five!


Pepper is pretty with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair is usually straight with bangs but sometimes she curls it. Her style is very cute, she is usually seen wearing a skirt or dress with platforms or Doc Martens.


Sawyer Huggins

Main article: Sawyer Huggins
See also: Pepper and Sawyer

Both Sawyer and Pepper have a crush on each other that started on Tornado Afraido, but the two really started to explore their feelings for one another in Incomplete Pass. They went to the homecoming dance together in Traitor Dater. They start dating in Bulldog Buddies. They break up in Two Many Dates

Bella Dawson

Main article: Bella Dawson
See also: Bella and Pepper

Bella is one of Pepper's best friends, particularly the sensible and moral, leaderly one of the bunch.

Sophie Delarosa

Main article: Sophie Delarosa
See also: Sophie and Pepper

Sophie is another one of Pepper's best friends.




  • She hated fighting, and it gave her gas.
  • She was adopted.
  • She has a crush on Sawyer Huggins.
  • She had a habit of blinking rapidly whenever she was lying.


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