We're Bulldogs!
Newt and Sawyer's catchphrase
Newt and Sawyer
Characters Shipped

Newt and Sawyer Huggins


Best Friends/Team-mates


Newt and Sophie
Newt and Troy
Sawyer and Troy
Sawyer and Sophie
Bella and Newt

Portrayed by

Jackie Radinsky and Buddy Handleson


Sawyer (far left) and Newt (far right)

Newt and Sawyer is the friendship pairing of Sawyer Huggins and Newt They're teammates on the Silverado Bulldogs.

Other Names

  • Newawyer (New/t and S/awyer)
  • Newyer (Ne/wt and Sa/wyer)
  • Sewt (S/awyer and N/ewt)
  • Sawne (Saw/yer and Ne/wt)

Season 1

Newbie QB

That's Some Gossip, Girl

Pretty in Stink

Tex Fest

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