Mrs. Silverstein is Pepper Silverstein's adoptive mother. She is portrayed by Senta Moses.

Her hair is black with curls, and brown eyes, kind of similar to Pepper's. She is first seen in Tex Fest, and says that Pepper can't finish any hobby she starts, and is amazed when she makes (and finishes!) a short video about Bella Dawson, her best friend. In Bulldog Buddies, she and her husband forbid Pepper from having a boyfriend, even though she's already become Sawyer Higgins' girlfriend. When they find out, they're angry, but Mrs. Silverstein relents when he sees how Sawyer treats her daughter, and convinces her husband by saying how he complimented his horrible "Pizza Brick". Then in Bulldog Blues, they let Sophie Delarosa stay over after her room is flooded. Mrs. Silverstein even lets her pick out a movie for Movie Night. But after her abuela comes by with a new turtle to replace Pepper's pet turtle that Sophie says had died so she could stay longer, Mrs. Silverstein finds Sparky and uncovers Sophie's ruse.

In Season 2's Who Killed Tex Fest? Pepper describes weird behavior from her mother, like crying at commercials and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches dipped in mayo. Sophie guesses she's pregnant and is later proved right. In Bad Grandma, Mrs. Silverstein lets Pepper, Sophie, and Newt redecorate a room for the new baby boy, which she eventually loves, but chastises them for putting a hole in the expensive carpet. In Oh Baby, It's the Playoffs, Mrs. Silverstein's baby shower is held on the same day as the Bulldogs' playoff game, so Bella, Pepper, and Sophie try and speed it up to get to the game as quickly as possible. But right after the party, Mrs. Silverstein goes into labor, and Bella must drive her to the hospital before she can get to the game. She does so successfully, and Mrs. Silverstein gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Theo.

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