• Team Edwardfanmade463

    comment down your favorite bulldog player

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  • Miego Rocks (Diego and Maddie rock!)

    Do you wish their was a third season? If so, what episodes would you like to see?

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  • Thomas Chuggington

    I know that we are all upset about there not being a season 3. I can't tell you how bad I feel about it, actually. I was so devastated when I found out about it.

    However, even though we all dislike this, it seems like no one is doing anything about it.

    What I'm trying to say is, if we all come together, we could get Bella and the Bulldogs back on TV where it belongs. Who's with me?

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  • Unicornlover4


    July 15, 2016 by Unicornlover4


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  • Lanah22


    June 8, 2016 by Lanah22

    i think bella and troy would be a cute couple

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  • ScottStephenJones

    Hello! My name is Scott Stephen Jones & I have been on this wikia for a couple of weeks. Check out this blog as many times as you want. I won't use this blog as much due to me having a different blog but still check this out.

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  • Zainabee2002


    October 8, 2015 by Zainabee2002

    Well...hi there I'm not really sure what to write about. But I just joined today so I can be inclued. Today i am just editing and earn badges really so... yeah...BYE :DD 

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  • RainbowDisney


    June 21, 2015 by RainbowDisney

    Well, you know what it's about.

    So, from your comments, what do you think of Newphie (Newt and Sophie)? 

    I know I should have written it on a post!

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  • JL the superhuman

    Jacob and Sophie are currently dating and were made friends through Bella.

    Before Jacob left for the NFL he had a massive crush on Sophie and vise versa but caused a time period when Jacob eventually left for the NFL. Sophie later called him and he actually was at school the following day. Jacob and Sophie finally admit they really like each other and started daiting when they went to a dance together. Jacob later is told the Bella has been jealous that he has been hanging out with Sophie more then her and tries to break the two up which doesn't go without because the last thing she needs is her brother mad at her.

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  • JL the superhuman

    Jacob and Bella are brother and sister that attend the same school after Jacob had left the NFL to be with his family again and mostly Bella.

    Jacob and Bella are brother and sister who are both students at Silverado West which Jacob had left for the NFL early and then left after the season was over costing his team the Super Bowl. Bella is really excited to have her brother back but causes problems when everyone crowds him asking him why he had the NFL and he decided to leave because he had missed his friends and family. Jacob ends up on the Bulldogs which he tries to get off the team and letting Bella being the only Dawson on the team but Bella wanted her brother to be with her on the team. Bella asks if Jacob still had a crush on Sophie b…

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  • InkedParchment

    This is a peek of my fanfic. If you wanna read all of it, then check it out here:

    Here's the first paragraph:

    Sophie stood up and sighed. "Well, that's another thing I'm not trying again," Sophie tells Newt. He coughs. "Yeah, I won't either. Those were chemicals you should never put in a fake volcano—Or a real volcano for that matter! I should have known it wouldn't work out!" he scolds himself. Sophie laughs. "Well, you know, it was fun."

    Any comments/feedbacks? Feel free to message me! If you do read the story, I thank you. 

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  • InkedParchment

    So hi! I mad a fanfic about Newphie on Wattpad! Do you have a Wattpad account? Do you ship Newphie? Then this story is for you! (I am not representing Wattpad in any way. I simply want you guys to enjoy a somewhat cliche Newphie story by me!) Here's a link to the story:

    If you choose to read it, I hope you enjoy! 

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  • JL the superhuman

    Jacob Dawson

    April 26, 2015 by JL the superhuman

    Jacob Dawson is Bella's brother and was playing pro football for three years.

    Jacob is Bella's older brother by a year and has played football for the NFL for three years but decided to quit so he could go back to middle school to be with his sister again. Jacob is always getting special attention from Sophie because she was his former crush before he left for the NFL. Jacob really loves spending time with his only sister because he loves her very much.

    Bella Dawson (sister) Bella and Jacob are brother and sister. Bella always has been taking care of Jacob while he is injured or sick. Jacob was really upset leaving her behind to play pro football.

    Sophie Delarosa (former crush/best friend)

    Jacob had a massive crush on Sophie before he left but…

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  • Bellaandthebulldogsgirl

    Hey, hey, hey, all you fine people! Now I have an important question to ask you! Do you prefer:




    Which one would you rather have? Send in your votes!

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  • RabidDisneyWeirdo
    1. It's not one girl, two boys/two girls. one boy like most of the other shows I watch
    2. It doesn't say anywhere that girls need boys to survive
    3. It has the word BULLDOGS in it, anything that even has a reference to animals, I LOVE! - I'm animal crazy
    4. There's lots of hidden Romance, I'm a very indecisive person who keeps on swapping who she ships with who, this gives me loads of opportunities to change them with good reason.
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  • Megan brooks
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  • CabbieLoverSAC22

    Yah we got renewed for a Season 2

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  • RibbonMaster

    Who do you ship? I got really torn who to ship, since in Pretty in Stink I shipped Newt and Sophie, but in Tex Fest my fangirl feels started to lean a bit towards Sophie and Sawyer. What about you?


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  • RabidDisneyWeirdo

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My name is Sarah-Jane but most people call me Lolli or Lollipops. I'm new to this wiki so excuse the fact that I have no clue about most things (probably everything - I'm a midget so I'm dumb). I am a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY dedicated shipper (which is why I have... 35 pictures of Ludmila Ferro and Federico together on my computer... and counting. I'm not joking) and I have ship wars with myself. These are all of the unlucky pairings I ship (cute pairings that haven't happ…

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  • TealTurtle

    bella and the bull dogs

    February 1, 2015 by TealTurtle

    this show is very has teens drama comides and more you should join

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  • CabbieLoverSAC22

    I think Bella and the Bulldogs show girls that they can do anything boys can if they put their minds to it. Football doesn't have to be a male dominated sport. My favorite character so far is Bella She is strong and a fighter. Tory is my second favorite because he is a leader.

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  • LoveKiss

    New Series

    August 20, 2014 by LoveKiss

    Hi, this is me, PetLoverGirl, an admin of this wikia, as well as you can now, I'm an expert so I want to help you with this blog.

    First of all, welcome! It means a lot of us new users joining.

    Second, if you're new in Wikia and don't know anything, this is how it works, first go to Wikia to know at least 20 things. Then you can come back so you can understand what we're doing.

    As you know, this is a new series, so please, don't write anything stupid, false, irrevelant or weird just to gain badges, points and/or contributions, we're watching you.

    Also, if you have questions about the policies, ask us but first you have to read all of them.

    Any question?

    P.S. This is a new series, yeah!

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  • LoveKiss

    Can't wait

    August 15, 2014 by LoveKiss

    Can't wait for this series to have it's first premiere next year, by the way this cheerleading-topic series is actually becoming so cool!

    Who agrees with me?

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