Bella and Sophie
Characters Shipped

Bella Dawson and Sophie Delarosa


Best Friends


Bella and Pepper
Sophie and Pepper

Portrayed by

Brec Bassinger and Lilimar

Bella and Sophie is the friendship pairing between besties Bella Dawson and Sophie Delarosa.

Other Names

  • Bellaphie (Bella and So/phie)
  • Sophella (Soph/ie and B/ella)
  • Sella (S/ophie and B/ella)
  • Bephie (Be/lla and So/phie)
  • Solla (So/phie and Be/lla)


Season 1

Newbie QB

  • Sophie was happy Bella got a chance to try out for the Bulldogs Team.
  • Sophie made Bella do a cheer promise.
  • Sophie told Pepper to support Bella.
  • Bella called Sophie (and Pepper) her "Cheer Sisters".
  • Sophie didn't want Bella to quit cheerleading.
  • Sophie argued Bella's throw won the game.

That's Some Gossip, Girl

  • Sophie helped Bella put on her gear.
  • Sophie tells Bella someone has been leaking team secrets.
  • Sophie and Bella were next to each other when watching Ace leak Troy's secret stuffed animal.
  • Bella told Sophie to not laugh at Troy's bunny.
  • Sophie (and Pepper) consoled Bella after Troy's mad at her for "leaking" team secrets.
  • At the Starcade, Bella and Sophie were across from each other.
  • Sophie tells Bella to threaten Ace.
  • Bella replies by saying, she loves her enthusiasm but less violence.
  • Sophie says she never lets her have fun.
  • Sophie helps Bella by threatening her brothers Luis and Ricky.
  • Sophie was super supportive of Bella.
  • When Pepper blabs the secret crush thing to Luis and Ricky, Bella and Sophie look at each other.
  • Bella told Sophie to tell Newt if he told the truth, she'll sit at lunch with him.
  • Sophie told Bella she'll "owe her for it".

Pretty in Stink

  • Sophie told Bella Kyle thinks she's cute.
  • Sophie told Bella she finally had her moment.
  • Sophie started the "Go Bella!" chant.
  • Sophie (and Pepper) went to Bella's house.
  • After Sophie told Bella she looked like a "cavewoman who has been recently barfed up by a pterodactyl".
  • Bella says ouch.
  • Bella told Sophie (and Pepper) to keep Kyle away from her.
  • Pepper and Sophie smashed Bella in a locker and in a trash can.
  • Sophie and Pepper got her out.
  • Bella video chatted with Sophie (and Pepper).
  • Bella let Sophie tackle Charlotte.
  • Bella and Sophie danced.

Tex Fest

  • Bella and Sophie were next to each other when Troy signed up to the choir performance.
  • Bella (and Pepper) looked at Sophie and Sawyer's rivalry.
  • Bella told Sophie it's good Tex Fest only comes once a year.
  • Sophie told Bella she saw the footage of Pepper's film.

Similarities and Differences


  • Both are female.
  • Both are friends with Pepper.
  • Both are/were cheerleaders.
  • Both are friends with Newt, Troy, Pepper, and Sawyer.
  • Both are in the Silverado Bulldogs.
  • They go to the same school.
  • Both have last names from Disney Channel's Austin & Ally


  • Bella is a football player, Sophie's a cheerleader.
  • Bella plays football, Sophie doesn't.
  • Sophie has siblings, Bella is an only child.
  • Sophie has a dad, Bella doesn't.
  • Bella has a twisted need to fix things, Sophie leaves things to be.
  • Bella tends to act neurotic, Sophie has displayed easy confidence.
  • Sophie is boy-crazy, Bella isn't.
  • Bella is more of an optimist, Sophie is a pessimist.
  • Bella dresses with light colors, Sophie wears dark colors.
  • Like Pepper, Bella is a private farter. Sophie is a loud farter. Sophie's farts are known to smell the worst, due to her parents' food phases.
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