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Bella and Newt
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Bella Dawson and Newt


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Bella and Troy
Bella and Sophie
Bella and Pepper
Bella, Pepper and Sophie
Newt and Sophie
Newt and Sawyer
Newt and Troy
Newt, Troy and Sawyer

Portrayed by

Brec Bassinger and Buddy Handleson

Bella and Newt is the friendship/romanticship pairing between Bella Dawson and Newt. They're friends and team mates on the Silverado Bulldogs.

Other Names


Season 1

Newbie QB

  • Bella was so happy when she became the new quarterback that out of all the other boys, she hugged Newt.
  • Newt could not resist saying 'hi' to her even though he was helping Troy and Sawyer kick Bella off the team. 

Tex Fest

  • Bella danced with Newt at the end of the episode. 

That's My Tri-Five!

  • Newt consoled Bella and patted her on the back when Bella found Sophie lying to her. 
  • Newt pulled her down by the arm when she risked giving herself away to Nikki.  

A Good Bye Week

  • Newt consoled Bella when she was upset that Kyle was going away.  
  • Newt looked at Bella when he asked whether Sophie liked him.  

Tornado Afraido

  • Bella gave Newt her locket when Newt was scared of the tornado. 
  • When Bella fell, Newt asked if she was okay. 
  • Although Newt was scared of heights, he climbed the rope to save Bella. 
  • Bella encouraged Newt as he climbed up to save her. 
  • Bella praised Newt when he saved her.