Bella and Kyle
Kyle and bella
Characters Shipped

Bella Dawson and Kyle


Close Friends/ Former Crushes/Exes


Bella and Troy

Bella and Newt

Portrayed by

Kalama Epstein and Brec Bassinger

Bella and Kyle is the friendship/romantic pairing of Bella Dawson and Kyle. They had crushes on each other, and starting dating in A Good Bye Week, but only for two days, since Kyle was moving.

Other names

  • Kella (K/yle and B/ella)
  • Belyle (Bel/la and K/yle)
  • Kyella (Ky/le and B/ella)
  • Kyla (Ky/le and Bel/la)
  • Bellky (Bell/a and Ky/le)
  • Belle (Bell/a and Kyl/e


Season 1

Pretty in Stink

  • When Bella asked Kyle to the dance, he said yes.
  • Kyle told Bella that she looked like she was going to win at the game.
  • Kyle said Bella was the coolest girl at the dance.

Dancing in the End Zone

  • Bella apologized to Kyle about the fact that they never got to dance.
  • Kyle was going to ask Bella out.
  • Kyle was sad when he thought that Troy and Bella were dating.

A Good Bye Week

  • They went on a date.
  • Bella was crying because Kyle was moving.
  • Kyle asked Bella to be his girlfriend until he moves.
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