Figure it out, quarterback.
—Hunter to Bella
Bella and Hunter is the romantic pairing/friendship between Bella Dawson and Hunter. They first met when Bella was trying to find a kicker for the football team in Kicking and Scheming. Hunter didn't want to join the football team for he was a soccer player. Bella helped the soccer team out with recognition, and Hunter was then willing to play for the team and rekindle his friendship with the team.

Portrayed by Brec Bassinger and Will Meyers

Bella and Hunter
Characters Shipped

Bella Dawson and Hunter


Possible Crushes


Bella and Troy
Bella and Sawyer
Bella and Newt
Bella and Kyle

Portrayed by

Brec Bassinger and Will Meyers

Other Names

  • Hella (H/unter and B/ella)
  • Benter (Be/lla and Hu/nter)


Season 1

Kicking and Scheming

  • Bella was impressed with Hunter when he kicked the football.
  • Bella was confused on why Hunter wasn't into football.
  • Bella told the guys that the past was the past and Hunter was their best shot.
  • Bella said that Hunter was the best kicker in the school.
  • Bella gave Hunter cookies to convince him to be the kicker.
  • Bella was willing to tutor Hunter, wash his skateboard, and gave him a card for sundaes.
  • Hunter would be the kicker if Bella gave the soccer team the football field to practice on for a week.
  • Hunter teasingly told Bella, "Figure it out, quarterback."
  • Bella apologized to Hunter when the football team and the soccer team clashed.
  • Bella got mad at Hunter for breaking the deal.
  • Hunter told Bella that he was just following his dream.
  • Bella got the entire team to help the soccer team get recognition for Hunter.
  • Hunter was grateful for what Bella did. The stands were twice the people they got.
  • Hunter told Bella he'd be their kicker at the playoffs.
  • Bella hugged Hunter. He hugged back.
  • When Sophie said that Hunter was kinda cute, Bella smiled and asked, "You think so?"

No Girls Allowed

  • There weren't many isolated moments due to the fact that Hunter didn't have a main role in the episode.
  • Bella and Hunter walked into the locker room with the entire team.
  • Hunter (along with the rest of the team) was willing to help Bella play in the playoffs.
  • Hunter followed Troy and Sawyer's lead. He wouldn't play if Bella wasn't playing.

Similarities and Differences


  • Both are blonde.
  • Both have green(?) eyes.
  • Both play football.
  • Both followed their dreams


  • Bella loves football, and Hunter loves soccer.
  • Bella is a quarterback. Hunter's a kicker.


Hunter: ... I was just following my dreams. But it's not like you would know that, quarterback.
Bella: *to herself* Wow. I just got served.
Hunter: I'll see you next Friday then.

Bella: Next Friday? What's next Friday?
Hunter: You're game. I'm kicking for you, aren't I?
Bella: You are?!

Hunter: Unless you prefer the three-legged mule?


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