Ace McFumbles
Full Name

Orlando Rosero Allan "Ace The Dragon" McFumbles


Ace McFumbles (by everyone)



Date of Birth


Resides in

Silverado, TX


Reporter Student


Mr. McFumbles (father)
Mrs. McFumbles (mother)


Charolette newman (Girlfriend)


Bella Dawson
Troy Dixon
Sawyer Huggins
Newt Van Der Rohe
Sophie Delarosa
Pepper Silverstein


Silverado West

First Episode

Newbie QB

Portrayed By

Rio Mangini

Orlando Rosero Allan "Ace The Dragon" McFumbles, is the school news reporter at Silverado West.

Ace is portrayed by Rio Mangini.


Ace the Dragon is the fast-talking reporter for the school TV station. He's always looking for the next juicy scoop. Nothing is off-limits for this (future) criminal! Ace is married to the news and you'll never see him without a mic in his hand or a fake moustache on his face. Ace knows that cheer is a sport (which does get him beat up a lot) but he loves any other sport. If you ever want to find this dude, look up to the TV to see what's scoop he's serving next!


Season 1

Newbie QB

Pretty in Stink

Tex Fest


Ace has brown hair and black eyes, with clay skin. He wears a light brown moustache which he calls Patty Mustachio. Even though he is a kid, looking like an old guy.


Bella Dawson

Ace has done reports about her and her team and has been "glitter-bombed" by Bella and the Bulldogs.



  • His room is right next to the janitor's office.
  • Like most of the boys at school, Ace has a high opinion of girls and believes Sophie is the next big thing.
  • Because of his sexism, it is possible he is disliked by many female students, such as the cheerleaders at the school's cheer competition, who he has publicly insulted.however he might've gotten over his sexism due to being friends with Bella, Sophie, and Piper, and also they might've shown him woman can be as nice as men and cuz his sister basically treated her ferret like a servant instead of a pet.
  • He has a sister whom he dislikes.
  • He has a twin brother named Leonardo Lorenzo Mason "Mace the Monster" McFumbles.
  • He can time travel through the power of his magic microphone.
  • He has taken down four professional wrestlers: John Cena, Big Show, The Rock, and Maximus Slamus.
  • He brought a horse to school.
  • He appears on more episodes in the first season than the second.
  • His sister's ferret grooms his sister.


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